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New operations room to help Ajman Police locate emergency callers

Police officers in Ajman are now able to identify the locations of emergency phone calls, thanks to its integration with Etisalat, said a top official.

“The advanced system in the new operations room helps locate the caller reporting emergency of any kind. It will ensure quick response to incidents and accidents to protect lives and properties,” said Lt-Col Hisham Abdullah Bu Shihab, director of the Ajman Police operations room, during a Press conference held to announce the features of the new operations room.

“In incidents such as fires, lives were lost because locating the place took time, but now the issue is resolved. Once the police receive a call, regardless of the language they speak, the police will reach them in the shortest response time. Miscommunication with non-Arabic callers can also be reduced as they can monitor locations from the operations room,” he said. Sources…



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